Khousheh Azmoudeh
Coldwell Banker Realty

   Supporting the Local Community


Neighborhood Shred Event January 2022

Everyone was there to help!



Annual Coldwell Banker Adopt A Dog Event - September 2019






Neighborhood Sponsored Shred Event - Summer 2019





Neighborhood Manna Food Bank - Spring 2019 Collection



 Neighborhood Sponsored Clean Up Day



Neighborhood Manna Food Bank Collections





Raising Funds to Help Local Veteran Familes during the Holidays

with over $10,000 raised in the pst 3 years




Supporting Our Office Efforts with Donations for

Our Local Fire Victims and Boarderline Victims

Over $12,000 raised



Recycling to Benefit the Local Free Cinic & Food Bank





Finding Homes for Four Legged Friends


Gourdie's New Family




Neighborhood Garage Sales